Sanitizing Services

Protection Against COVID-19

COVID-19, commonly known as the coronavirus, has been declared a Worldwide Pandemic as it continues to spread. Raising fears over contagion and confusion over appropriate treatment and containment strategies. Battle Born wants to be part of the solution in helping businesses return to normal operations – in a sanitary and safe environment.

To help contain COVID-19 and other harmful viruses from their potential to grow into a pandemic or economic disaster, owners and operators of commercial buildings have the responsibility to take appropriate precautionary measures and to organize an effective response. If you believe or know your building has been contaminated, Battle Born can help.

We have assembled a Battle Born Sanitizing (BBS) COVID-19 Response Team to assist commercial entities in planning for and deploying effective protection against this viral threat. Our focus is to protect commercial-use buildings with large populations, like gyms, schools, daycare centers, office buildings and restaurants. Our process can also work effectively on public transportation vehicles, like buses and taxi cabs.

Decontamination and Disinfection

The BBS Response Team has experience in 100% surface sanitation coverage in all facilities.  They are trained in treating contents exposed to Ebola, norovirus, MRSA and other viral contagions such as COVID-19.

BBS is armed with state-of-the-art equipment such as ultraviolet light and EPA-registered disinfecting agents proven effective against various strains of coronavirus. Our full-service approach to biohazard decontamination fully complies with local, national and international regulations.

Each site presents unique challenges, exposure scenarios and operational complexities. Every decontamination response must protect the health of employees, customers, communities and the establishment itself. BBS’s customized treatment programs are designed to address each facility’s characteristics with minimal impact to occupants and operations.

COVID-19 Response: Three Levels of Protection

Our BBS team is ready to be at your site immediately to organize the most appropriate response for precautionary, potential exposure or confirmed contamination.

Level 1 

Level one protection is for businesses with no known contamination seeking to maintain safe and sanitary environments for customers and employees. Semi-annual disinfection is conducted by BBS’s team of trained and experienced technicians, using EPA- registered chlorine or peroxide-based cleaners and proper disposal of waste. Treatments can be performed during off-hours to avoid business interruption.

Level 2 
Possible Exposure

Businesses or public spaces with suspected exposure to COVID-19 (an infected person inside the building) require a detailed 10-foot down disinfection and deep-clean decontamination performed by BBS.  This level of response is recommended 4 to 6 times a year by our team of specialized sanitation and decontamination technicians.

Level 3
Confirmed Exposure

Businesses or public spaces with confirmed exposure to COVID-19 require customized protocols specific to the site to ensure thorough and proper decontamination. BBS will work directly with a client to develop a custom plan that protects the health of their employees, customers and communities and mitigates impact to the operations of the enterprise.

Sanitation Process and Procedures

The process we use cannot be carried out successfully by just anyone. Our BBS response team is fully trained in the use of the proper products and procedures necessary to effectively sanitize your building. All members of the BBS response team are thoroughly tested and medically cleared prior to entering your premises.

Decontamination Team Training

Members of the response team are trained in the use and operation of the equipment used to sanitize the space. They are skilled in applying and handling the chemicals safely. They follow proper protocols to ensure the well-being of themselves and the building’s occupants. They wear the proper personal protection equipment (PPE), like respirators, eye protection, gloves, coveralls) and proper waste disposal techniques.

Cleaning Agents

BBS uses EPA-registered chlorine or peroxide-based cleaners known to be highly effective against the COVID-19 and other harmful viruses. These products are designed for the disinfection of hard, nonporous surfaces and do not leave any corrosive residues. They are lightly to zero fragrance and dye free.

Ultraviolet Light Disinfection

BBS is fully equipped with state-of-the-art surface disinfection techniques. We use UV Mobile Room Sanitizers as an added value to achieve surface sanitation and sterilization. The UV Room Sanitizer unit is specifically designed for disinfection of bacteria, viruses, and fungi (mold) on exposed surfaces.

The application of UV-C energy to deactivate microorganisms is known as Germicidal Irradiation. Artificial UV-C energy is produced in germicidal ultraviolet lamps that produce UV radiation by ionizing low pressure mercury vapor.

These lamps are similar to typical fluorescent household lighting fixtures, but do not have the phosphorescent coating which imparts the soft white light. Ionized mercury emits a predominantly discreet wavelength of 254nm in the UV-C band, which is an ideal wavelength for destroying the DNA of single-celled organisms.

Shockwave Disinfectant and Airless Sprayer

BBS uses shockwave disinfectant to disperse sanitizing chemicals and disinfect surfaces. The disinfectant is applied by using an airless itemizer to ensure large areas and hard-to-reach corners and crevices are 100% coated with disinfectant.

This method is ideal for hidden surfaces and high touchpoint areas such as railings, door handles, water fountains, lockers and other fixtures and furniture found in high- traffic common areas.

Biohazard Waste Disposal

BBS team members are trained in the appropriate disposal of biohazard waste. Waste is only handled by our specialized personnel and sent to state-approved facilities to be thermally destroyed in accordance with local and state regulations.

Get Protection from a Company You Can Trust

As a local family-owned coatings firm, Battle Born combines the agility, skill and personal touch with the capabilities of an industry leader. It is our mission to help our clients recover from this public health emergency.

We at Battle Born care about our customers, vendors, employees, and our community.  We will always strive to deliver more than expected to help ensure safe working conditions for everyone.

Contact us today to find out how we can make your business safe to re-open and remain that way.